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Im not an Injector. Never have been, never will be..

Mar 12, 2024

It starts on an ordinary morning, but it marks the start of an extraordinary journey. The sun's just peeking through the blinds, casting a soft glow over the room. There I am, sipping my morning coffee, lost in thought. It hits me like a bolt from the blue—I'm not an injector. Never have been, never will be.

Flashback to five years ago. I was a nurse practitioner. I was deep in hospital chaos, seeking an escape. My journey into nursing wasn't as well-thought-out as I'd hoped. I used to think becoming a nurse practitioner would elevate me above the pettiness, the endless shifts, and the emotional turmoil. Boy, was I wrong. Instead, I found myself in a whirlwind of new dramas, responsibilities, and, to top it all off, battling anxiety and depression. I needed a change, and I was willing to do just about anything to make that happen.

That's when the idea of opening a medical spa popped into my head. It was my light at the end of the tunnel, a beacon of hope. The thought of creating a space that was truly mine, away from the hospital's grip, was exhilarating. So, I took the plunge. I found a cozy spot near my place. I decked it out with chic decor and started spreading the word. I did this before I even knew the ins and outs of Botox and fillers. The excitement of diving into something new was palpable. But, it meant driving for hours to get certified after just one workshop. Looking back now, it's hard to believe how green I was.

My introduction to the business world was rough, to say the least. Like many clinicians, I was clueless about the nuances of running a business, let alone marketing one. My first foray into advertising through Groupon was a disaster. The first year was a struggle, filled with late-night texts from customers, cancellations, and no-shows. It was enough to make anyone reconsider their career path. But, deep down, I knew I was meant for more.

Fast forward through years of trial and error. This included a merry-go-round of marketing agencies that didn't cut it. I took matters into my own hands. I dove headfirst into the world of marketing, learning everything I could. It wasn't easy, but my persistence paid off. Last year, I found my true calling—helping other medical spas flourish. It's been a rewarding journey, one that has brought me more joy than I ever found in injecting.

Now, here I am, ready to turn the page. In 60 days, I'll hang up my injector's hat for good. Sure, I'll lose some business and patients along the way, but what I'll gain is immeasurable. I've discovered that I'm not just a business owner or a marketer. I'm a mentor, a guide, and a friend to those walking a path I know well. It's time to embrace that fully, without the shadow of the injector's role looming over me. Because, at the end of the day, I'm not an injector. I'm a beacon for others, guiding them towards their own light, just as I found mine.

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