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I'm Dr. Jakeyla Reed

A Doctorate-prepared advanced nurse practitioner and the proud owner of Dr. Diva Aesthetics, an esteemed medical spa in downtown Downers Grove, IL. With over 13 years of experience in healthcare, I am passionate about providing top-notch aesthetic services to my clients.

As the founder and CEO of The Medspa Biz Academy, I have channeled my expertise and personal journey into helping aspiring entrepreneurs like you achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship. I understand the challenges and setbacks that come with starting and running a medical spa business, as I faced my own struggles in the early years.

advanced aesthetic med spa training for nurses

Through my dedication to continuous learning, I have gained invaluable knowledge in business and marketing strategies. By making smart financial decisions and putting in the hard work, I transformed my practice and generated an impressive $2million annually by year three.

Now, I am thrilled to share my insights and empower individuals like you to achieve similar levels of success. In The Medspa Biz Academy, I will guide you on how to increase your earnings, save wisely, and make your money work for you. Together, we will unlock the secrets to building a thriving and profitable medical spa business, leveraging my personal experiences and proven strategies.

Join me on this transformative journey, and let's make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Together, we will pave the way to financial freedom and fulfillment in the ever-growing field of medical aesthetics.

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