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Hello! I'm Jakeyla

Dreamer, Mother, Nurse Practitioner, Business Owner & Marketing Consultant.

I know what it feels like to struggle with growing your business and getting your ideal clients and to go in search of a solution,
just for it to be a yoyo or a deadend. Only a couple of years ago I was right where you are


Just like you, I wanted to become independent.

I became a nurse relatively young, at the age of 23. I started working as an LPN at the nursing facility while completing my RN license. After completing my studies, I worked in the hospital as an ICU nurse for 6 years before pursuing my master's and doctorate as an acute care nurse practitioner.

Initially, I thought advancing my education would relieve some of the stress of the hospital, and I was under the impression I would have a better work-life balance. That turned into a false reality quickly. After feeling like I had turned one problem in for another, I decided to open a medical spa in a salon suite.

The first 2 years were a struggle. I did not know anything about business, marketing, or aesthetics. I was doing something to say I had something of my own, but in reality, I had a problem I created. During this time, I continued to work in the hospital full time and use that money to pay the rent at my suite; I had no customer support, so all calls came to me directly..and at all times of the day and night..well that's when they did few clients started to feel like more of a problem than an opportunity.

I remember denying a few potential customers because I wanted to avoid being bothered or was too tired to drive 12 minutes away to do treatments, well really just Botox and fillers because I really didn't know how to do anything else.

One day after getting off a 12-hour shift, I was driving home with an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and anxiety. I came to the realization and had to be honest with myself: "I was standing in my way."...I wasn't suffering enough in the hospital, or I was so used to pain it didn't bother me. I realized my lack of knowledge in business and marketing was the source of my problem, but I needed more... I continued to work in the hospital as a nurse practitioner until I got fired from a locum tenant job.

I was so financially stressed. That day, I decided I would never let any corporation or person change the course of my life by saying these words: " You've been let go." Luckily, I was able to rebound quickly into employment. After all, I am a nurse, but this time, I had a plan, including a timeline to be an employee.

I dived deep into studying business and marketing... I began to apply principles to my medical spa ..of course it didnt turn around right away. Still, after some time, I started to see some stability and relief, and when I was asked if I could renew my locum's contract. I refused. And on June 23, 2023, I walked out of the hospital and haven't looked back since. You may think that not so long ago. I know because, like you, I still was living with imposture syndrome. On average, I was making 40-50k a month at my medical spa with an entire staff.

Still, I was afraid to leave an unhealthy environment. I looked at the renewal request, took a few days and deep talks with GOD, and made the move. I hit my first 80k month by the second month and started to do that consistently. That is why I am here to tell you... You can do this but must do it a certain way.

It has to be planned. It will need guidance, and you will have to put in the work. Nothing will be done for you or handed to you, but that is okay because if you are anything like me or a nurse, at the least, you worked hard for that license and can work hard for this as well. I was once told I have a level 10 skillset in a level 2 arena.

In this business, I understand the industry from a different perspective, a business perspective. Over the past years, I've logged into social media and seen so many people failing at this, so I decided to start posting about my successes and wins. Then, I changed to posting about how I did it. Many people try to tell you what to do, but you need to know HOW to do it... After the overwhelming DMs on social media, my business brain was like, you need to create something to help others succeed. You are not successful until you've helped someone else grow. That's when the Medspa Biz academy was born. 

5 years in...

I've helped over 18 healthcare professionals, including NPs, RNs, and MDs. I have no PAs yet. Either open or scale their medical spa...within the first 3 months of my first seminar, the total revenue generated for their businesses was 353,980!..No this is combined not for one medical spa..but this is possible annually for a solo medical spa owner. So, I am onto something here and want to give you a chance to help you take the leap of faith this year! Now, it won't be easy, but it is possible!

I believe that 

everyone deserves success

And have spent the last year helping 18 number of entrepreneurs/parents/women just like you to achieve amazing results.

Why I do it

Why are you a the authority in this area and why should I put my trust in you?

What distinguishes me is not just surviving but thriving in this industry. I have transformed my medical spa into a highly profitable venture, consistently generating substantial revenue.

My unique blend of medical expertise and a deep understanding of business principles allows me to view the industry from a distinct perspective – a business perspective.

You should put your trust in me because I've been where you are, and I understand the challenges you face. I've walked the path, made the mistakes, and learned from them. I'm here to provide you with proven strategies, guidance, and support to navigate the medical spa industry successfully.

My commitment to helping others succeed is reflected in the results of those I've already assisted. When you choose to work with me, you're choosing a mentor who not only knows the ins and outs of this business but is also dedicated to helping you reach your goals and achieve the financial freedom you desire.

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Top Tier Wellness

"I didn't realize how much I didn't know about the business. I'm so glad I took your course last year because it saved me years of trial and error. In the second month after returning home, I made $60k, a milestone I had never achieved before." - Dr. Britt NP

Pretty Special Medspa

" I saw a Youtube video and I started following you. Then a friend of mind came to your course and she told me how amazing it was and I was like ok ..She's my mentee now lol.. I've learned so much over the past few months in your 1:1 mentorship" - Ms Duncan NP


"I'm so happy I found this type of mentorship and guidance. I've been looking for someone to truly help me scale my business. I've been following you on Instagram and I'm always in your lives. I love how real and raw you are and your knowledge is outstanding. One thing I must say is you are the truth! - LeMeilleur Medspa

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It's my belief that 

everyone should have the opportunity to live their dreams

get rid of doubts and fears. I can demonstrate how starting a medical spa successfully can make a big difference in your life!

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Fun facts


I love business more than injecting


I read 20 books a month on average


The gym is my second home


I love cooking new dishes I find on Tiktok


I have a love/hate relationship with pasta

I'd love to learn more about you, so let's get social! 

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